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Live life king size on our signature premium and luxury trips. Be it hotels, restaurants, transportations, guides or any other service, nothing is left to second. Immerse yourself in sublime India with an ultimate twist of comfort and lavish travel enjoying some of the most amazing destinations India has to offer. From visiting beautiful Taj Mahal to exploring stunning forts and palaces of Rajasthan, our premium trips are step ahead of everything you can imagine making your dream holiday an experience of a lifetime.
Accommodation: On Ultimate premium and luxury trips, you will witness the epitome of comfort and service. Our accommodation on these trips range from some of the most exotic heritage hotels to ultra-modern luxury resorts available on the destinations you visit. We take special care of not only the hotels
we choose but also the quality of restaurants, transportation and staff is top notch, focused entirely on giving you a life of a Maharajah and Maharani embarked on a journey, never to be forgotten.

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