Ultimate India Trips

India is larger than life: a population that exceeds a billion, 23 official languages and more than a million square miles of land. But one common thread runs through it – India floods your senses from every direction.
In this country of filigreed cities and opulent palaces The Ultimate shows you customs going back millennia and sites that inspire awe.

A country with hundreds of festivals, rainbow colors shading the landscape, endless medley of food with tantalizing tastes, people with great humor & laughter, this is one dream destination which can be mesmerizing and distinct on every visit.

From mighty Himalayas in the North to great Gangetic plains in central and beautiful coastline in South, India is geographical beauty dotted with astonishing palaces, forts and temples. Visiting India once is just the beginning of a connection for a lifetime with its everlasting charm and aura. With every few miles you see a change in language, cuisine, dresses and languages, it’s a sub-continent in true sense.

Its people with their warmth and welcoming culture have attracted global visitors for hundreds of years now.
With superb local guides and incomparable service, The Ultimate takes you on a voyage of discovery through this unforgettable land. Join one of our small group journeys or create your own tailor-made journey of a lifetime.

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