Travel USA

How to choose a holiday to the USA? It’s hard to pin down a country the size of the entire continent – from tropical Hawaii to arctic Alaska, with parched deserts, lush green rainforests and eclectic multi- cultural cities, how to spend your time when visiting America can be a tough decision.

From the flashy casinos of Las Vegas to the immensity of the Grand Canyon, the Hollywood Hills to New York City; the United States is an iconic, thriving, passionate place – a land of pioneers and immigrants, adventurers and entrepreneurs. It is the land of the American Dream. When you travel the USA, every single stereotype seems to be true: on arrival into the laid back city of San Francisco, the relaxed western vibe is really apparent, while New Orleans and Nashville ooze music and southern hospitality, and New York is an impressive giant of a city where modern skyscrapers can be found next to the romantic history of thousands of immigrants starting their new lives.

You can expect THE ULTIMATE holiday to the USA to be big, in every way. Its climate, ecology and landscapes vary widely. Visiting Alaska, you will spend time hiking around the glacial lakes and mountains of the Denali National Park, home to Mt Denali, also known as Mt McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America. The Pacific Northwest around Oregon and Washington state is home to giant redwood forests, laidback coastal towns, lush rainforests and a great craft beer scene in Portland and Seattle.

Moving eastwards, you find thousands of bison roaming in Yellowstone National Park and black bears patrolling Yosemite, crossing the majestic Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada range to Death Valley and the national parks of Bryce and Zion, before moving southwards to spot alligators in the Mississippi swamplands around Alabama and Louisiana. Add into that diverse cities like Detroit, New York, Boston, Memphis and San Francisco, and you can really get an understanding of how the ‘melting pot’ has contributed to the USA’s mentality that anything is possible.